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    Lange SPI indices can reflect change trend of steel market in China, released every Friday. Lange SPI indices are compiled from a weighted basket of steel prices. Compilation of Lange SPI Indices takes into consideration both product-wise and region-wise steel consumption compositions in China.

    August 23, 2002 is designated as the benchmark point with fixed index value of 100。

    The product-wise consumption composition is composed of weighted consumption of longs steel and flats steel; the region-wise consumption composition consists of weighted steel consumption from 7 regions, i.e. N. China, N. E. China, E. China, M. S. China, S. China, S. W. China and N. W. China.

    Longs steel refers to Rebar (25 mm) and Common Carbon High-Speed Wire Rod (6.5 mm). Flats steel refers to a combination of 4 steel products, i.e. common carbon steel plate (20 mm), HRC (3.0 mm), CRC (1.0 mm) and HDG (1.0 mm).

    Lange SPI indices comprise of composite index, category index, variety index and regional index, reflecting the domestic steel market from different sides.

    Meanwhile Lange Steel Price Index reproduces CRU price index, providing a good basis for comparative analysis of domestic and international steel market.

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