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AISTech 2018 — Steel's Premier Technology Event2018-1-11 15:45:17(Beijing Time) Lange Steel

      AISTech2018— Steel's Premier Technology Event will be held at the PennsylvaniaConventionCenter, Philadelphia, Pa., USA.  Thisevent will featuretechnologies from all over the world that help steelproducers to compete moreeffectively in today's global market. AISTech is acan't-miss event for anyoneinvolved at any level of today's steel marketplace,providing perspective onthe technology and engineering expertise necessary topower a sustainable steelindustry. Whether you present, attend or exhibit, takeadvantage of thisopportunity to network with industry peers and discover waysto improve yourproductivity.


        ProgramDevelopment and Topics


        AISTConferenceprograms are developed by Technology Committee members representingiron andsteel producers, their allied suppliers and related academia.Committees focuson iron making, steelmaking, finishing processes, and variousengineering andequipment technologies.


                                                  ? Safety & Health                                     


                                                  ? Pipe & Tube                                     


                                                  ? Environmental Technology                                     


                                                  ? Rolls                                     


                                                  ? Coke making                                     


                                                  ? Metallurgy — Steelmaking & Casting                                     


                                                  ? Iron making                                     


                                                  ? Metallurgy — Processing, Products &


                                                  ? Electric Steelmaking                                     


                                                  ? Energy & Utilities                                     


                                                  ? Oxygen Steelmaking                                      


                                                  ? Electrical Applications                                     


                                                  ? Specialty Alloy & Foundry                                     


                                                  ? Computer Applications                                     


                                                  ? Ladle & Secondary Refining                                     


                                                  ? Project & Construction Management                                     


                                                  ? Continuous Casting                                     


                                                  ? Maintenance & Reliability                                     


                                                  ? Hot Sheet Rolling                                     


                                                  ? Lubrication & Hydraulics                                     


                                                  ? Cold Sheet Rolling                                     


                                                  ? Refractory Systems                                     


                                                  ? Galvanizing                                     


                                                  ? Material Handling                                     


                                                  ? Tinplate Mill Products                                     


                                                  ? Cranes                                     


                                                  ? Plate Rolling                                     


                                                  ? Transportation & Logistics                                     


                                                  ? Rod & Bar Rolling                                     




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