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The 4th International Conference on Advanced High Strength Steel and Press Hardening (ICHSU 2018)2018-8-15 15:24:58(Beijing Time) Lange Steel


The Fourth International Conference onAdvanced High Strength Steel and Press Hardening will be held on August20-22th, 2018 in Hefei, China. The conference will be a grand academicconvention around the material, processes, equipment research and marketservice of high performance sheet metal after the very successful 2014conference in Chongqing and 2015 conference in Changsha, 2016 conference in XianChina.


In 2016 the automotive production andmarketing in China still ranked first in the world. China has become the lastand biggest automotive market, but energy-saving emission reduction and safetyare always the focus during the development of automotive industry. Thelight-weight of vehicle is the most direct and effective meansand highperformance sheet metal hot forming is the efficient and cost-effectivetechnology to realize both the light-weight and assurance of safety. Also theprospects of advanced digital manufacturing technology and the huge marketpotential has been aroused strong interest. The hot stamping has developed at abreathtaking speed as soon as the technology enters China, and considerableprogress has achieved in China. The huge demands not only make ICHSU being theexchange and exhibition platform of press hardening technology which arousesthe interest from academics and industry all over the world, but also encourageand speed up the development of this technology through different technologydevelopment path and competition between enterprises, and provide opportunitiesfor expanding application of light-weighting components in China auto industry.



Just in this situation, we decided to convene the fourthinternational conference on AHSS and press hardening. The conference topicswill include the following aspects:

·   1.Performance and organizational control of hot stamping parts of AHSS andaluminum alloy;

·   2. AHSSstamping and rolling forming